24 Apr, 2024
1 min read

Adult Acne – A Guide To Coping And Prevention

Acne presents as a prevalent skin ailment that poses a continuous challenge for numerous individuals. Pimples are a universal experience, particularly in one’s adolescence, but for certain individuals, acne evolves into an enduring struggle that spans into adulthood, resulting in bodily, societal, and emotional predicaments for the sufferer. Reports indicate significant associations between acne and […]

3 mins read

5 Ways to Maintain Positive Maternal Mental Health

Disorders such as anxiety, general depression, and postpartum depression are very real in today’s world in the range of maternal mental health. About 20% of mothers experience a maternal mental health condition within their first year after pregnancy. Three-quarters of women experiencing a mental health condition do not seek treatment. A scientific study revealed that […]

4 mins read

Why clinical placement is important in nursing

Clinical placement is a major requirement for a nursing degree. It opens your mind to real-life experiences. After your classroom teaching, you are expected to enter the field, which could be a hospital, community health center, mental health facility, or any organization that deals with the sick. This allows you to see how other experienced […]