Common Signs of a Great Orthodontist in Gahanna Ohio!
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Common Signs of a Great Orthodontist in Gahanna Ohio!

Every orthodontist is as good as their skill set, which means some are simply better than others. Some orthodontists might have more experience and overall expertise, and some will use more state-of-the-art treatment methods to support patient needs more efficiently. And then there are some that are simply a lot friendlier than others as well.

We’ve partnered up with one of the most renowned orthodontist gahanna ohio in Dr. James Karpac to develop this list of signs that you’ve found a great orthodontist in your local area.

So, take it from the industry expert in that you should be on the lookout for the following characteristics and personality traits while hiring your next orthodontist!

They’re Great With Kids & Teens

Orthodontic treatment of course can be provided to adults, but the vast majority of patients are in their teenage years. This means that orthodontists have to be great with talking to kids, and they should make young patients feel comfortable with everything that needs to be done.

This also means they’ll be able to easily explain the complexities of the treatment in a way that a child will understand. So, great communication skills and good teen relations go hand-in-hand with one another for top-notch orthodontists!

They Have Encouraging Online Reviews

Online reviews are crucial for every hiring decision, and orthodontists are no different. Although you can always read testimonials on an orthodontist’s website, you’ll get more objective information from sites like Yelp, Google Reviews, and Facebook.

Seeing encouraging, positive reviews from past patients will give you the extra validation that you may need to pull the trigger on a specific orthodontist in your area.

Friendly & Knowledgeable Office Staff

Orthodontists never work alone, which means you should also evaluate their office staff and dental technicians prior to making a final hiring decision. There are plenty of scenarios in which your appointments may only include the doctor for a handful of minutes, so most of your time will be spent with the rest of the staff.

No one likes being around grumpy, rude office staff, so you’ll want to make sure that everyone at the orthodontist’s office contributes to a positive environment.

The Orthodontist Regularly Expands Their Expertise

The orthodontic industry is constantly evolving with new equipment, technology, and techniques. This means that orthodontists should be consistently brushing up on the latest developments within the field, but not every orthodontist does so.

Although a lot of orthodontists will boast about their latest equipment upgrades and continuing education courses, there are other times in which you may need to ask about this during your initial consultation appointment.

They Offer Free Consultations

As alluded in the above section, consultation appointments are very important for the orthodontist hiring process. You should make sure that your prospective orthodontist offers free consultation appointments, because this is a great sign that they truly care about their patients and aren’t trying to make quick bucks off people who may not want to work with them.

Free consultations show just how confident they are in their abilities and treatment affordability. Consultation appointments are also a great time to ask any questions that you may have about the treatment process, and your orthodontist should clearly answer your questions and make you feel more comfortable about these significant investments.

The Orthodontist Is Humble

Great orthodontists aren’t the type of people who’ll try to make themselves look good, because they’re in the business of making sure you look and feel good.

They’ll always be making sure that their patients feel comfortable throughout the entirety of the treatment process, and they’ll do whatever it takes to get patient as relaxed as possible while in the office.

They’re Available For Emergencies

Although orthodontic emergencies are rare, they still happen every now and again. Just like other doctors, your orthodontist needs to be ready to take action when an emergency situation arises.

Some orthodontic emergencies will require a visit to the ER, but others can be easily fixed up in the orthodontist’s office. Before you make your final hiring decision, make sure that your orthodontist will be there for you when you need them most!

They’re Transparent About Treatment Costs

There’s no denying that orthodontic treatment can be rather expensive, which is why you’ll need to know all the financial information prior to agreeing to a treatment plan.

The good news is that most orthodontists will offer financing options that make everything much more affordable and on budget. Be sure to get detailed information about their payment plans, including how much you’ll need to pay on a monthly basis.

Contact Dr. James Karpac When You Need An Orthodontist In Gahanna Ohio!

The above list is a great starting point for parents, teenagers and adults that are interested in obtaining orthodontic treatment. By keeping the above characteristics and personality traits in mind, you’ll undoubtedly be able to find the best orthodontist in your local area.

And if you just so happen to be looking for an orthodontist in the Gahanna, Ohio area, you should keep JK Orthodontics in mind. You can speak directly with the JK Orthodontics team and schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Karpac by going through the link located at the top of the page!