More About Vodka Tampons
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More About Vodka Tampons

It is not a silly rumor. There are people, mostly teens that are into getting intoxicated by dipping tampons in alcohol and inserting them into private areas of the body, it is referred to as slimming. Why do they do it? Is still a question to be understood.

 What are the effects of slimming?

Some people do get drunk through this method for reasons like:

  • To get intoxicated faster
  • To avoid the bad odor of alcohol in your breath.
  • To not get caught in the breathalyzer test.
  • So that you don’t intake calories because of alcohol (which does not work)
  • To avoid getting a hangover.

If there are people who are trying to get intoxicated by using vodka tampons then it seems like things are getting out of control. If you are someone or know someone who is having a problem with using vodka tampons for intoxication and want to get confidential help you can get along with detox to rehab.

This can be life-threatening and you may need help, if you notice any signs like the following do get in contact with the emergency helpline right away:

  • Confusion
  • Vomiting
  • Breathing gets slow
  • Breathing is irregular
  • Notice the pale or bluish lip
  • The body temperature dropping down
  • Slowly getting unconscious

The person who has consumed alcohol should remain in a sitting position till there is someone who can help. If they are capable of sitting, then let them lie down on their side and try not to get choked while vomiting.

Tampons can’t hold a lot of alcohol in them, but how much ever it holds it gets into the bloodstream very fast as it bypasses the stomach. And because your stomach absorbs the alcohol, you do not get to vomit it out in case you had too much of it.

This can lead to alcohol poisoning if you don’t have control, so take care of yourself and try to get help.