What Shoulder Impingement Is and How to Diagnose and Treat It

It is a nice evening, and you have spent the whole day playing baseball. You start winding up your arm for a pitch, but suddenly a pinch in your shoulder prevents you from doing so. You try shaking it off, thinking there is nothing, but the pain worsens as you wind up. In that case, you might have a classic shoulder impingement case. What Shoulder Impingement Is Shoulder impingement is a common issue that causes shoulder pain, where a band of tissue or tendon in your shoulder catches or rubs on nearby bone and tissue as you try lifting your arm. It normally impacts the rotator cuff tendon, a rubbery tissue connecting the muscles around the shoulder joints to the top of the arm. With the help of a shoulder surgeon, impinging shoulders often improve within a few months or weeks, parti

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